Top 10 Ranking



#1 Lawrence (February 17th, 2019 Victoria, BC):


I was a green blogger and was pretty skeptical of MLMs but AAA has convinced me. To start I’ve found the quality of the flowers and oils to be amazing; better than any other online sites I’ve tried. Their philanthropic work and the way they give back through profit sharing is great – they are amazing stewards spreading the wealth in dollars, credits and future purchases. They went through a year of rapid growth where sometimes you would get a newbie on customer service, but in general, CS is AMAZING at working with people to answer their questions. AAA is a vast improvement for shipping compared to others. Overall very happy with my monthly Residual Income of $6,607.09. Amazing!

#2 Cassie (February 21st, 2019- Sudbury, ON):


If you are looking for an online company, I would suggest looking at AAA as they have a fantastic MLM program. They do offer proper training to their Distributors which makes you a considerable amount of monthly residual income, including bonuses you reach certain milestones. “Starting from the bottom now I’m here!! $5,810.67, in monthly residuals!

#3 Todd (January 17th, 2019- Timmins, ON):


I’ve been with AAA since January 2019 and already receiving $5,523.10 in a month! Working this program with triple AAA has been a great experience for me as they have now given me 23 members to my team. Early bird truly gets the worm has I’m now getting paid and my aspiration is to be #1, so watch out Lawrence I’m not so far behind…

#4 Jennifer (February 07th, 2019- Summerside, PEI):


AAA is truly an equal opportunity business. I’ve been prospecting all the local bars in my area and getting paid by inviting a few friends this site. I ordered 500 promotional cards as a give away inviting my new friends to the site and never looking back. Now, I can pay the rent ON TIME and do what I love doing which enjoying my free time. Jamaica here I come…

#5 James (January 6th, 2019- Edmonton, ALB):


Just bought my first pre-owned truck with residual pay cheque from AAA. Got off to a slow start but after receiving a few referral members from AAA and figuring out how to combine my own downstream of referred friend the sky is now the limit. My next goal by end of summer is this gorgeous power boat I saw listed on Kijiji.

#6 Sam (March 7th, 2019- Loretteville, Quebec):


Thanks to Jennifer from Summerside, PEI who gave me few useful tips as to how to prospect for new members to join my organization I see myself being at the #1 ranking position at AAA in the next few months! So, Jennifer please send me a personal photo because I have in mind to extend an invitation to you at year end… Jamaica here we come!

#7 Doug (February 8th, 2019- Winnipeg, MB):


Not only does AAA have the best quality supply & deliverables, they are also willing to profit share and offer support through their residual income program. I was able to ramp up my network organization to receive $3,307.68 in residual payments over the past 5 months.

#8 Kathy (January 20th, 2019- Saskatoon, SK):


I’ve been a AAA distributor for 7 months. I love the products and do feel that AAA residual income plan has enhanced my bottom line. However, delivery is sometime slow. It takes about 2-3 days for them to fill my order in my home city. I’ve had one order never got filled and had to be cancelled and re-ordered. Their bonus plan is great, and the products keep my organization coming back. My goal by the end of the year is to be making no less than $5K in residual income!

#9 Errol (March 02, 2019- Thunder Bay, ON):


I’ve been a Distributor since March 2019 and was somewhat skeptical I could make money at this. Going in, I was more focused on referring a few friends to hopefully get free supply. Before you know it after trying the products and referring a few friends I got hooked. I then sent AAA an email for some useful tips as to how I could grow my business, I bought these promotional business cards from AAA to give to friends and my organization started to grow like weeds! Lol

I then got quite a few referrals from AAA, and now I’m thinking about quitting my part-time job to grow my organization while in school…

#10 Edwardo (March 01, 2019- Toronto, ON):


A buddy of mine told me about this site so I decided to place an order and give the site a try. I came across the Residual Income page on the website and decided to test the waters. Thanks to AAA’s products and profit- sharing plan, I now flying high on cloud nine…